ViiV Healthcare’s commitment to support AIDS2020 and HIV2020

ViiV Healthcare’s commitment to support AIDS2020 and HIV2020

As we are the only company 100% dedicated to combating, preventing, and ultimately curing HIV/AIDS, we are committed to continue bringing innovation, improving access to our HIV medicines and engaging global stakeholders to ensure no person living with HIV is left behind by supporting the communities most affected by the disease.

History has demonstrated that communities living with and most affected by HIV have to be at the centre of the HIV response, in order for the response to be effective and meaningful ViiV Healthcare supports the opportunity for key populations to amplify these efforts by coming together to revitalise and reclaim the HIV response. We are committed to ensuring that all voices of those affected by HIV are included and listened to across all platforms, including key conferences.

ViiV Healthcare stands in solidarity with the communities who are unable to participate in AIDS2020, and we are therefore proud to announce we will be a plaza sponsor of HIV2020: Community Reclaiming the Global Response, a three-day key-population led conference on sexual health and human rights happening next July in Mexico City. ViiV Healthcare has a long history of supporting community action through its Positive Action programme and actively supports a strong and vibrant civil society response.

As part of our long-standing partnership with the IAS and our continued support for the International AIDS Conference on AIDS as a major sponsor, we are also supporting the Global Village and we are the sponsor for the Youth Pavilion at AIDS2020.  

ViiV Healthcare is committed to ensuring successful and integrated conferences and looks forward to working with the co-organisers and representatives from the different key population networks to ensure that no person living with HIV is left behind in the HIV response. 

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