The 2020-2030 Positive Action strategy works towards achieving healthy communities in a world free of AIDS and embodies ViiV Healthcare’s mission of leaving no person living with HIV behind.

We aim to be a transformational partner that champions people and communities to end AIDS. We do this through putting people and communities first, strengthening capacity and collaborating strategically.

We have four key thematic priorities that guide us in our mission and grant making:

  • Ending paediatric AIDS by 2030
  • Preventing new HIV cases
  • Tackling HIV-related stigma
  • Reducing new HIV transmission in people who inject and use drugs (PWUD) and ensuring PWUD living with HIV have access to quality care

Click here to download our high-level strategy, or here for our logic framework which demonstrates how we will achieve our overall strategy.

How our Funding Works

Our approach is twofold:

  • Providing grants to community-led and community-based organisations that are committed to eliminating AIDS and supporting people living with HIV through our Community Strategic Initiatives (CSI) and;
  • Achieving targeted and strategic impact through our Strategic Partnerships funding and collaborations

Community Strategic Initiatives (CSI) Funding

Positive Action provides funding to community-led and community-based organisations that are committed to eliminating AIDS and supporting people living with HIV. We currently offer funding under two funding streams, Innovator Funding, that aims to test and pilot new ways of working, and Momentum Funding, that aims to scale-up proven ways of working.

Innovator Funding

Up to £100,000 over two years (£50,000 per year)

  • Investments into the testing and piloting of new approaches
  • The proposed approach(es) must be new to the funding applicant but can have been delivered by another organisation in a different location or aimed at a different target population
  • A two 2-year pilot that aims to build evidence before scale-up

Momentum Funding

Up to £300,000 over three years (£ 100,000 per year)

  • Advancing existing, evidence-based projects to enable sustainable scale-up
  • The funding applicant must have delivered the approach(es) previously and have evidence that the approach(es) work
  • Funding can be used to build on previous investments made by Positive Action or other donors
  • A three-year scale-up aimed at advancing previous projects with a focus on sustaining interventions beyond the three year Positive Action investment

Please see here for current and upcoming funding rounds.

Strategic Partnerships Investments

Strategic partnerships are informed and shaped by developing, or co-creating, shared objectives towards a common outcome, aligned to the Positive Action strategy and broader, high-level HIV-related goals and targets.

Partnerships tend to be multi-sectoral and can include other donors and stakeholders, implementing partners and communities.

Funding specifically is:

  • Strategically focussed and longer term
  • An enabler for supporting partners to scale up their programmes to achieve national HIV-related targets, including advocacy and policy change efforts
  • Catalytic in terms of match funding or complementary to existing programmatic work

Strategic partnerships are aligned to the Positive Action’s four strategic priorities and are generally not subject to open calls for proposals.

Please see the Breakthrough and Strategic Partnerships page for more information.

Other Funding Opportunities:

Amplify Impact

Recipients of Positive Action funding through our Community Strategic Initiatives can access additional resources to strengthen their organisation. In addition to project funding, Positive Action also provides funding recipients with:

  • Additional funding for organisational development
  • Access to skilled remote volunteers that can provide online guidance and support to Positive Action partners
  • Online and where possible, face-to-face Linking and Learning events where learning across Positive Action is facilitated to enhance community-led and community-based HIV programming.

Positive Action Guidance on Remuneration for Community Workers.

ViiV Healthcare Positive Action recognises the significant role that community workers (peer workers, volunteers, community health volunteers etc.) contribute to the HIV response. We support the appropriate remuneration for their work which should be in line with other community workers nationally. Community workers should also be supported through proper induction, training, and development to perform effectively. We encourage grantees and partners to implement this guidance when utilising and benefiting from community resources.

For any enquiries relating to the Positive Action strategy 2020 - 2030 or the funding rounds please email:


The Paediatric Breakthrough partners, working with government and community, aim to locate, link, treat and retain mothers and children at risk or living with HIV.

Community Strategic Initiatives seek to enable people and communities to improve the quality of life of people living with those most at risk of HIV.

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