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Our Being Seen podcast is an in-depth exploration of culture’s role in resolving the tension between how we are seen and how we see ourselves. By creating nuanced and accurate cultural portrayals of identity and experience, we have an opportunity to reduce stigma and change perception - impacting everything from HIV to institutional inequality.

Seasons 1 and 2 focus on the gay and queer Black male experience, creating a space to explore current cultural representations and their impact through conversations with leading artists, writers, activists, entertainers and community leaders. These episodes expand on the insights and findings from landmark ethnographic research through our accelerate Initiative, exploring the lives of Black gay men in Baltimore, Maryland and Jackson, Mississippi.

Season 3, hosted by Tony Award-winning actress, singer, producer and author Anika Noni Rose, brings conversations, artistry and explorations centered around the experiences of Black women and femmes.

Being Seen is produced by Harley & Co. and Darnell Moore.

How do storytellers and their stories shape society? If we create more nuanced and accurate cultural portrayals of identity and experience, can we change our actions, behaviors and perceptions?

Season 3 invites listeners to join our host, Anika Noni Rose, for an in-depth exploration of the Black female experience, told through ten episodes that explore the ways in which we inhabit spaces like power, freedom, desire and safety. These are spaces that can provide agency and protection, but can also be weaponized against us. These episodes will navigate through the nuanced ways women want to be seen, offering a powerful opportunity to change perception and dramatically impact stigma.

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As an extension of ViiV Healthcare’s Positive Action for Latinx Men and accelerate programs, we are excited to launch a new campaign, Mother to Son.

ViiV Healthcare's Risk to Reasons initiative increases awareness and action around HIV prevention and care for Black women of cis and trans experience. Guided by advocates across the country, the initiative reframes "risk" to "reasons" for prevention and care.

A collection of six original stories from the gay and queer Latinx and Afro-Latinx community. Stories of love, heartbreak, intimacy, and family – the places we can find each other, the places we find ourselves.