Our annual Youth and Community Summits bring together HIV advocates, public health partners, writers and youth leaders from across North America to educate, engage and foster collaboration within the HIV community.

The Summits provide an opportunity to share ideas and perspectives in an effort to make a difference in the community and change the course of the HIV epidemic.

Since their inceptions in 1998 and 2014, the Youth and Community Summits have served to create a forum for community-driven solutions to end the HIV and AIDS epidemic and support communities most disproportionately impacted by HIV and AIDS.

In addition to panel discussions, informational assemblies, impactful collaborative working sessions, artistic workshops and policy and advocacy sessions, our signature mentorship program pairs youth leaders with established trailblazers from the community. The program is designed to nurture youth leaders’ self-identified personal and professional areas of growth while fostering intergenerational connections to empower the next generation of leaders in the HIV and AIDS community. Youth attendees meet with their mentors at the Summit and lay the groundwork for continuing their relationships throughout the year and the future.