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PrEP, or pre-exposure prophylaxis, has a central role to play in helping to reduce new HIV cases and the impact HIV has on millions of lives each year. PrEP is proven to prevent HIV acquisition and is an essential tool to help end the HIV epidemic.

It is a fundamental human instinct to want a sense of family, opportunities to socialize and a feeling of belonging to a community (or multiple communities such as family, faith, interest-based).

HIV self-stigma can manifest itself in many ways - from worrying about how a friend might feel if you shared a drink with them to fear of your HIV status being known in the workplace.

Much has been done to reduce discrimination at an organizational level through anti-discrimination laws, but these efforts vary across countries. More needs to be done to ensure that legislative frameworks are being implemented and that stigma and discrimination are effectively addressed.

While it may now be commonly accepted that a lack of respect for human rights can accelerate the HIV epidemic, this isn’t always reflected in the policies and institutions that shape the lives of people living with HIV.