At ViiV Healthcare, our unwavering commitment to leaving no one living with HIV behind – regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual identification or socioeconomic status – is reflected in every aspect of our business.

To bring this commitment to life, we put "community" at the center of everything we do. From gathering insights to activating programs, we are dedicated to understanding and serving the whole HIV community. As a direct product of our community listening we powered an interactive theatre experience, As Much As I Can, that invites audiences into the lives of four Black gay men, exploring the complex relationships they have with faith, family, community, friends and themselves. Similarly, our podcast, Being Seen, explores the queer experience, the power of identity and how storytellers can shape culture and society. We collaborate with the community in a stepwise approach:

  • We Listen – seeking insights and increasing our understanding to foster collaboration and action.
  • We Activate – creating new initiatives and funding new community projects where there are the greatest disparities, while also connecting individuals and organizations to strengthen networks and services.
  • We Amplify – sharing insights to illuminate bright spots and drive community solutions.
  • We Sustain – strengthening leaders, organizations and communities to build and expand on the momentum of effective work.

Our commitment to community engagement informs how we approach giving this year and into the future. By building on lessons learned from our community-driven, place-based work, we’ll be able to reach communities hardest hit by HIV across the country – focusing on innovation, working at intersections of race, gender, age and access to care and fueling the work of community groups where they are needed most.