Antoinette is an ASO Peer Specialist and movie buff in Atlanta, Georgia. The 24-year-old contracted HIV from her mother when she was born. Childhood memories of friends not being allowed to play around her cultivated a fear of revealing her status. By educating herself, she developed confidence and went on to become an advocate.

Ja’Mel is a professional ad guy who loves reading and cooking and lives in Atlanta, Georgia. The 31-year-old transgender male experienced stigma early on when he was not allowed to enroll in school because of his HIV status. Even his college roommate initially requested to be transferred. Today, he advocates for HIV education and is still friends with that roommate.

Tboy lives in Miami, Florida. The 29-year-old comes from a large, tight-knit Haitian family. Originally, both of his parents and one of his sisters blamed him for contracting HIV. Even his friends in the gay community reinforced negative HIV stereotypes, prompting him to disclose his status and become an advocate.