A unique collaboration between ViiV Healthcare and Shutterstock Studios showing authentic imagery of real people living with HIV.

Close-up of man with rainbow umbrella. Close-up of man with rainbow umbrella.

In the battle to challenge negative assumptions about HIV, shining a light on truth can be a potent strategy. Sharing true pictures and experiences of people living with HIV is key to undermining stigma.

It was exactly this intent that inspired a unique collaboration between ViiV Healthcare and Shutterstock Studios, one of the world’s most popular and respected online photography platforms. Trusted by businesses and creative industries all over the world, the Shutterstock image library offers access to more than 300 million images sourced from more than one million different contributors. World AIDS Day 2020 witnessed the launch of a first-of-its-kind Shutterstock Studios HIV image gallery – HIV in View. By making empowering images available to the public for free and collaborating with ViiV Healthcare, Shutterstock Studios is presenting a picture of living with HIV that the world needs to see.

The HIV in View gallery is supported by the continued collaboration between ViiV Healthcare, Shutterstock Studios, individual photographers and people living with HIV around the world. Focused on real-life experiences of people in very different places, the gallery shows these individuals leading rich and rewarding lives. Far from reflecting the fear once associated with HIV, the HIV in View gallery is filled with inspiring examples of just how much things have changed for many people living with HIV.


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