The Podcast

Being Seen is an in-depth exploration of culture’s role in resolving the tension between how we are seen and how we see ourselves. It is a space to explore current cultural representations and their impact through conversations with leading artists, writers, activists, entertainers, and community leaders. If we create nuanced and accurate cultural portrayals of identity and experience, we have an opportunity to reduce stigma and change perception - impacting everything from HIV to institutional inequality.

Being Seen was produced by Harley & Co. and created in partnership with ViiV Healthcare.


  • Should I listen to the episode in order?

    There are many ways to listen to our episodes -- subscribe to Being Seen on your favorite podcast app to get the latest episode every week, or listen right here on our website. You may stream or download via these and other podcast platforms: Apple Podcasts, Spotify,Google Play.

  • How can I listen to Being Seen?

    We recommend exploring the episodes in chronological order but you are welcome to listen however you’d like! Each week focuses on a unique theme/topic so you won’t miss out by skipping around.

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    The best way to support Being Seen is by sharing it! Follow us on Instagram and Twitter, tell your family and friends, and remember to subscribe, rate, and review the show wherever you listen to podcasts.