These healthcare professionals share their knowledge and expertise with peers and colleagues to help improve patient care in their own clinics and practices. Topics might include information about a specific disease, identification of symptoms and diagnosis, application of data from clinical trials or medication dosage and administration.

All presentations regarding our medicines must be consistent with the medicine’s label and relevant guidelines, such as U.S. Food and Drug Administration, if in the US Our relationship with these professionals is governed by guidelines.


These healthcare professionals share their expertise with ViiV Healthcare. Because these advisors possess unique insight and knowledge in their various fields, they can help us to better evaluate scientific issues or data and respond to the emerging needs of patients and other healthcare professionals. Some US healthcare professionals are members of ViiV Healthcare advisory boards that meet when there is legitimate advice needed by ViiV Healthcare. The meetings are held at modest locations. Guests are not invited.

ViiV Healthcare believes in being transparent about all these relationships with healthcare professionals, which is one reason the names, payments and responsibilities are listed in this table, which is updated quarterly.