Listening to and amplifying community voices

HIV in View provides a platform for honest conversations around living with HIV and the stigma and discrimination that pervades. Through lived experiences and insights, we have worked with community voices to focus on different aspects of stigma and uncover how we can start to break this down as a united front. Our videos touch on important aspects of social justice and policy, the impact of misrepresentation, and the importance of education and awareness campaigns in shifting unconscious bias that fuels HIV stigma.

Personal stories of what it’s like to live with HIV and the impact of stigma

Bringing female stories to the forefront

Acknowledging knowledge gaps and stigmatising language


In this series, host of In Conversation Series 1 Charity Kase took to the streets of London to find out what people really think about HIV. Using images from the Shutterstock gallery and insights gained from our Global Perceptions Survey, we gained a picture of how far we have come in how HIV is perceived, but also the knowledge gaps that still linger despite these breakthroughs.

Vox Pops video 1

Vox Pops video 1

Vox Pops video 2

Vox Pops video 2

Vox Pops video 3

Vox Pops video 3

Leaving no stone unturned to foster a more inclusive, equitable society

What’s next for improving the lives of people living with HIV?

NP-GBL-HVX-COCO-220084 | May 2024

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