Today, living with HIV is a very different experience from just ten years ago. Advances in prevention, treatment and care mean that people living with HIV and on effective treatment have a near-normal life expectancy.1 Despite this progress, people living with HIV continue to face unique challenges that affect their quality of life every day. Stigma remains a stubbornly persistent threat to the health and well-being of many people living with HIV and can often impact their ability to consistently access life-saving treatments and social support systems.2 In the battle to challenge the negative assumptions about HIV, sharing the true picture and experiences of people living with HIV is key.

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Uniting Together: 5 influencers, 5 lived experiences, 1 shared mission

In the battle to challenge the negative assumptions about HIV, we believe that sharing the true picture and experiences of people living with HIV is key to dismantling stigma.

In June 2023, we celebrated the third year of the HIV in View campaign by convening a panel of five advocates and thought leaders living with HIV from across the globe, in support of a shared goal: to make HIV stigma a thing of the past.

In collaboration with the HIV in View partners, we are helping to share community voices and dispel myths about HIV to achieve our mission of leaving no person living with HIV behind.

Click here to get up close and personal with Inad, Doreen, Victoria, Rebecca and Axel and hear their unique stories.


Launched on World AIDS Day 2020, the campaign started with the HIV in View Gallery, a first-of-its-kind image library developed through a unique partnership between ViiV Healthcare and Shutterstock Studios. Focused on the real-life experiences of people living with HIV, the gallery shares authentic imagery of individuals across the world leading rich and rewarding lives. These empowering images are available to the public for free, to ensure the real picture of HIV is as visible as possible around the world.

The HIV in View gallery was followed by the In Conversation series, a collection of videos depicting honest conversations about living with HIV and the stigma and discrimination that pervades. Through lived experiences and insights, the series focused on different aspects of stigma within HIV, and touches on important aspects of social justice and policy, the impact of misrepresentation, and the importance of education and awareness campaigns in shifting unconscious biases that fuel HIV stigma.


  1. Marcus JL, Leyden WA, Alexeeff SE, et al. Comparison of Overall and Comorbidity-Free Life Expectancy Between Insured Adults With and Without HIV Infection, 2000-2016. Jama Netw Open. 2020;3(6):e207954. doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2020.7954
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A unique collaboration between ViiV Healthcare and Shutterstock Studios.

Watch our videos where we provide a platform for discussions around living with HIV.

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