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Discover how we work with leading researchers and academic groups to innovate and bring the best science to HIV treatment, prevention and care...

Incredible progress has been made over the past four decades of the HIV epidemic. Gone are the “bad old days” of the epidemic when HIV was the leading cause of death for adults in the US between the ages of 25-44.

You don’t need a PhD to get in on the science with us! For too long, the latest in HIV research and science was limited to laboratories and medical congresses – far away from the lives of the people it impacted the most. With ViiV Healthcare’s Science on the Sofa, we’re changing how we talk about HIV science by breaking down complex concepts in a new way to make the science accessible for everyone.

Find out more about our partnership program which aims to identify and examine predictors and pathways of disease that are specific to people living with HIV.


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Explore our work with NGOs, HCPs, regulatory authorities, HIV clinics and the wider medical community to help ensure people living with HIV get the most effective care globally…

The latest global statistics from UNAIDS, state that 1.7 million children are currently living with HIV and only half of those children with HIV have access to treatment, compared with 68% of adults.

HIV may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Latin America, but together with the Caribbean, the region is home to an estimated 2.1 million people living with HIV.

One country that’s making headway in the fight against HIV is Botswana, where 360,000 people living with HIV (PLHIV) live. This is despite outstanding achievements in addressing gaps in HIV treatment and care in the country.


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Find out how we're partnering with communities across the world to fight HIV stigma and support people living with HIV...

At a time when the global HIV community is convening for the 23rd International AIDS Conference, we invited HIV advocate and Community Facilitator Martha Clara Nakato from the Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR Alliance Uganda) who is also the Community of Action Facilitator for the WE LEAD program in Uganda and a former HER Voice Fund Ambassador, to share her insight on tackling the challenges young women living with HIV in Africa face and the role that partnerships have in the response

As Positive Action marks its 30th year, the need for investment and partnership in communities living with and affected by HIV has never been greater

To celebrate World’s Aids Day 2020, we collaborated with Shutterstock Studios to produce ‘HIV in View’, a first-of-its-kind HIV Gallery which portrays images of real people living with HIV around the world. Images are available to the public for free.


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Read about the experiences of people living with HIV with explanation and segmentation of data from the Positive Perspectives - Waves 1 and 2 studies. Positive Perspectives is one of the largest, global, HIV patient-reported outcomes studies to date...

Hear from Garry Brough, who draws on insights from the Positive Perspectives 2 study, on the complex relationship of ageing with HIV, the importance of optimising ones treatment options and the value of focusing on the needs of the individual.

The Global Positive Perspectives Wave 2 Study is one of the largest, global, HIV patient-reported outcomes studies to date, involving 2,389 people living with HIV (PLHIV) aged 18-84 across 25 countries.

Sexually Transmitted Infections, a global journal from the British Medical Journal (BMJ), published results from the global Positive Perspectives study that investigated how conversations with healthcare providers (HCPs) about U=U impact people living with HIV.