People living with HIV want advances in HIV care, including flexible treatment options, according to Positive Perspectives research


Since the advent of highly active antiretroviral therapy, HIV has become a long-term health condition, as many people living with HIV with access to treatment are now living longer, healthier lives than before. However, Positive Perspectives study results indicate that many people living with HIV still aspire to treatments that have even less impact on quality of life.1

Data published in Population Medicine from the Positive Perspectives study, showed people living with HIV called for care and treatment innovations that address a spectrum of unmet needs and improve quality of life. Even among those study participants who were fully satisfied with their medication, three in five (61%, 639/1056) still reported gaps in their HIV management and aspired for new treatment choices.1

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*Participants were asked to rank potential improvements by importance. When provided with seven choices, the above were ranked as either first or second in importance.

In the same study, open dialogue between people living with HIV and their healthcare providers has been associated with significantly better reported health outcomes.2 These patient-reported outcomes data demonstrate the benefits of people living with HIV feeling empowered to have open conversations with their healthcare providers about their quality of life (QoL) and treatment aspirations. Among study participants, 72% (1726/2389) reported being open to taking an HIV treatment composed of fewer medicines and 55% (1306/2389) reported being open to longer-acting (non-daily) HIV medication.1

Additionally, the Positive Perspectives study compared the self-reported health outcomes of those not fully satisfied with their HIV medication and management vs those fully satisfied, and found that those fully satisfied with both reported:1

  • Significantly higher optimal treatment adherence (89% [372/417] vs 70% [763/1098])
  • And higher optimal overall health (70% [293/417] vs 48% [525/1098])
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People living with HIV who participated in the Positive Perspectives study reported being optimistic about ongoing improvements in HIV care and treatment. For example, more than three in four (77%, 1842/2389) of study participants reported they believed that future advances in HIV treatment will improve their overall wellbeing.1


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