Interactive tool developed to support and empower people living with HIV

Last month we shared new data from the global Positive Perspectives survey at ID Week in San Diego and the European Aids Clinical Society Conference (EACS) in Milan, which focused on the attitudes and perceptions of people living with HIV (PLHIV) towards treatment and communication with their healthcare professional (HCP). According to the Positive Perspectives survey, 71% (n=789) of PLHIV are ‘very comfortable’ with raising issues of concern with their main HCP.[i],[ii]

However, this leaves a proportion of PLHIV who feel some hesitation in talking openly with their HCP. In separate research, the quality of communication between HCPs and their patients has been shown to be closely linked to the quality of healthcare provided.[iii] HCPs can be a source of motivation, incentive, reassurance and support; most concerns about doctors are related to matters of communication.[iii]

Introducing the Unity Tool

Working closely with HCPs and HIV patient advisory groups, we have developed the Unity Tool. It’s an online resource designed to support and empower PLHIV to have more open and effective conversations with HCPs about their HIV, health and wellbeing.

How the Unity Tool works

The Unity Tool is composed of three elements:

  1. PLHIV fill in a short questionnaire relating to important aspects of their HIV, health and wellbeing.
  2. PLHIV receive a tailored Appointment Guide to encourage focussed discussion at their next appointment by providing them with a series of prompts.
  3. Anonymised, aggregated data from the Unity Tool is sent to the Information Centre, an open source data project, helping the HIV community to understand and improve the interactions between PLHIV and HCPs. Data collected by the Unity Tool will only be stored by the information centre when PLHIV provide express permission.

To learn more about the Unity Tool or find out how you can access this resource please visit



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