Positive Action Europe funds community-based projects that reach those disproportionately affected by HIV, particularly marginalised communities.

Announced during HIV Glasgow, Positive Action Europe’s sixth annual grant cycle is now open. We are awarding up to £250,000 to European projects that deliver education, support services and care for people affected by HIV.

Positive Action Europe (PAE) aims to support people impacted by HIV in Europe through grants for community and grassroots programmes that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Promotes testing and earlier diagnosis of HIV
  • Supports HIV-related treatment literacy, education and knowledge building
  • Fights stigma and discrimination
  • Supports the ageing PLHIV
  • Drives peer support and education
  • Puts the patient at the centre of services.

Please note: The deadline for submission has been extended. We will now be closing applications at midnight on Friday 8th February.

We aim to let applicants know of the outcome of their submission by mid-April 2019.

Find out more about the grants and apply online.

ViiV Healthcare's Positive Action Europe Applications for 2018 grants Scheme

Positive Action Europe’s fifth annual grant cycle will award £250,000 to European projects that deliver education, support services and care for people affected by HIV. Our application window is now closed. We aim to let applicant’s know of the outcome of their submission by mid-April 2018.

Since the launch of Positive Action Europe in 2014, the amount available to patient organisations has risen by 150%.

ViiV Healthcare is immensely proud of the Positive Action Europe Programme. So far, the initiative has supported 36 innovative grass roots projects across 22 countries through the four years the fund has been running”

Evelyn Schoedl, Policy, Community & Advocacy Lead Europe, ViiV Healthcar


Last year the programme attracted 78 applications from patient organisations across Europe. To find out more about the 14 community-based programmes that were awarded grants through the Positive Action Europe 2017 programme, please click here.

The contribution that the Positive Action Programme makes to the HIV community increases every year. With 2017 attracting more applications than ever before, we are looking forward to 2018 grants cycle and supporting grass roots projects that make a measurable impact where ethnic, geographical or socio-economic disparities affect those living with HIV the most”

Dr Laura Waters, Consultant HIV Medicine, Central and North West London, NHS Foundation Trust, Positive Action Europe Board Membe

HIV in the EU

The HIV epidemic in Europe varies greatly across countries, within countries and across different segments of the population. The Positive Action Europe programme seeks to fund community-based projects that reach those most affected by HIV, particularly in marginalised or vulnerable populations. The programme uses a targeted approach to identify and respond to HIV-related issues at a local-level, supporting projects that are specifically designed to tackle the drivers of HIV in local regions.

Despite the progress made, HIV is still a growing concern:

  • HIV/AIDS remains one of the world's most significant public health challenges, particularly in low- and middle-income countries.[1]
  • Although the number of AIDS cases has continued to decline steadily in the West and the EU/EEA, it has increased by 80% in the East during the last decade.[2]
  • In 2015, more than 153 000 people were diagnosed with HIV in Europe, the highest number of newly diagnosed infections ever reported in one year.[3]
  • More than one third (37%) of the total number of people diagnosed in 2015 originated from outside of the reporting country.[2]
  • Trends by transmission mode show that the number of HIV diagnoses among MSM in countries with consistent reporting has continued to increase in the EU/EEA as a whole.[2]

To view case studies from previous grantees, please click here.

To view a video from past grantees please click here:


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ViiV Healthcare is very proud to announce that 14 community-based organisation’s have been awarded grants for the 2017 Positive Action Europe programme.

This year’s programme attracted a total number of 78 applications – an increase from the number of applications received in 2016. The chosen patient advocacy organisations are from Austria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, Malta, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, and the UK.

As a testament to the strong impact of Positive Action Europe in previous years, ViiV Healthcare increased funding for this year’s programme cycle. The programme has seen an increase of 150% since the start of the initiative in 2014. A total budget of GBP 250,000 was available to the patient advocacy organisations this year, with each being able to apply for a maximum amount of EUR 25,000.  

About the PAE 2017 grantees

The following 14 organisations have been awarded grants, subject to contracting and validation:

AIDS-Hilfe Vorarlberg
Image Campaign and Empowerment of People Living with HIV
KYFA (Cyprus)
Creating HIV Checkpoint in Cyprus
Czech AIDS Help Society
Pilot HIV home testing project
Czech Republic
Free Rapid HIV Testing and Early Diagnosis Service (Community Based)
Fondazione Villa Maraini onlus
Comprehensive approach for HIV prevention, treatment and care
H.E.R.A Health Education and Research Association Skopje, Macedonia
Outreach HIV Testing services among LGBT and MSM in Macedonia
Malta LGBTIQ Rights Movement
Know Your Status Campaign
Miedzynarodowe Stowarzyszenie Studentow Medycyny IFMSA-Poland
Streetcar Called Desire – HIV/AIDS Prevention
ARAS – Romanian Association Against AIDS
Checkpoint Caravan
National center for sexual and reproductive health - POTENT
Comprehensive peer support for retention in ARV treatment
Improving HIV prevention at open drug scene in Bratislava, Slovakia
Projecte dels NOMS - Hispanosida
Detection of Acute HIV Infections in BCN Checkpoint with fast viral suppression
Noaks Ark SYD
Reducing stigma and discrimination towards HIV among migrants in Sweden
Peer Action
Social Based event aimed at breaking isolation and exclusion of PLHIV in Brighton



Positive Action Europe 2016 Grantees

Positive Action Europe is pleased to welcome 12 new community-based organisations from 11 countries across Europe as granted partners in 2016. This year’s grants are allocated to projects that align with ViiV Healthcare’s key priorities for Positive Action Europe 2016, including:

  • Supporting HIV-related education, knowledge building and treatment literacy
  • Driving peer support and education
  • Putting people living with HIV at the heart of services
  • Fighting stigma and discrimination
  • Supporting the ageing person living with HIV
  • Promoting testing and earlier diagnosis

The following 12 community-based organisations have been awarded grants through the Positive Action Europe 2016 programme, subject to contract and validation:

AIDS Hilfe Wien
Positive Health – cooperate, participate, be active!
Albanian Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS
The Evaluation and Measure of the Patient Reported Outcomes from Client Satisfaction in HIV 50+ Populations on Ageing Positively with HIV in Albania
Association Against AIDS - JAZAS
Think Positive
Association “Progressive Reinforcement of Organizations & Individuals”
Scaling-up HIV Testing for Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission in Maternity
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Association Red Line
Supporting of Sexual Health Clinics for MSM
Fondazione LILA Milano ONLUS– Italian League for Fighting AIDS
Friendly Test 4U – Community Based HIV Testing Services Specifically Tailored to Meet Clients’ Needs Italy
GAT – Grupo de Ativistas em Tratamentos
PAATH – Promoting Access and Adhesion to Treatment Healthcare
HIV Ireland
HIV & Sexual Health Education – Training for Trainers Programme
HUHIV/CAHIV – Croatian Association for HIV and Viral Hepatitis
Ageing Positively to: Access to Comprehensive Care for Ageing with HIV
Israel AIDS Task Force
Encourage Testing Among at-risk Groups
Project Dels NOMS-Hispanosida
Detection of Acute and Recent HIV Infections in BCN Checkpoint with Fast Viral Suppression
Stronger Together, Association for Support of People Living with HIV, Skopje
Improving Treatment and Care Outcomes for People Living with HIV in Macedonia Republic of Macedonia

As a testament to the strong impact of Positive Action Europe in previous years, ViiV Healthcare increased funding for the Positive Action Europe programme in 2016. A total of GBP 200,000 was made available for the 2016 grant cycle, and the programme attracted 75 applications from patient organisations across Europe—more than double the number of applications received in 2015. 

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Learn more about ViiV Healthcare’s position on:

Retention in care

Exploring Issues around Testing in Europe

About Positive Action Europe

ViiV Healthcare recognises the enormous significance of the community response to HIV/AIDS and is committed to seek out and build new partnerships and connections to help strengthen education, support services, local healthcare capacity and capabilities, and to reduce stigma and discrimination towards people living with HIV/AIDS. The selected community-based projects focus their efforts on patient empowerment and education, increasing testing for early diagnosis and addressing emotional and societal issues such as the psychological impact of HIV on individuals and their families to tackle stigma and discrimination, a key issue affecting people living with HIV across Europe.[i]

The Positive Action Europe Fund was initiated in 2014 and since then funding has increased year on year

[i] UN AIDS 2014: Reduction of HIV-related stigma and discrimination, Guidance Note. Source: http://www.unaids.org/sites/default/files/media_asset/2014unaidsguidancenote_stigma_en.pdf


Positive Action Europe Case Studies - 2015 grantees

Iskorak, Croatia

The Czech AIDS Help Society, Czech Republic

Positivo - Grupos de Apoio e Auto-ajuda, Portugal