At ViiV Healthcare, partnership is fundamental to who we are and what we do. As a company formed from an innovative collaboration, we know that we can achieve better outcomes when working together. The hive and the Positive Action Community Challenge initiatives are just two examples that demonstrate how ViiV Healthcare continues to forge new relationships that advance treatment, care and access to medicines for people living with HIV.

Both the hive and Positive Action Community Challenge initiatives recognise that we can’t do it alone - we are at our best when we are collaborating and sharing ideas among the HIV community and beyond, so that we can better respond to the rapidly evolving epidemic.

The hive is a specialist HIV digital and tech innovation unit within ViiV Healthcare that focuses on finding breakthrough solutions ‘beyond the pill’. The hive encourages the sharing of ideas from inside and outside the HIV space in order to help cultivate insight and inspiration and to tackle challenges that people living with HIV face.

Thom Van Every, Executive Director of the hive, comments “We are alert to the fact that HIV is a much bigger issue than just getting the right treatment. Drug discovery and drug delivery is one aspect, but there are additional elements that ViiV Healthcare wants to tackle, from access to care right through to relationship challenges. The hive engenders and promotes collaboration and by reaching out to a wide network, we are more likely to reach our goal faster.”

“With our level of expertise here at the hive, we can incorporate insight from our expert communities and help move a concept to reality. By connecting different communities, we move from incremental innovation from people who are close to the problem, to disruptive innovation from people who are slightly removed from the problem. These new connections often bring about greater change,” adds Thom.

Great change is what ViiV Healthcare is aiming for with the Positive Action Community Challenge, which aims to bring innovative thinking and problem solving to hard-to-tackle yet common challenges that limit health, opportunity, rights and/or aspiration of people living with HIV. The first challenge focuses on overcoming issues of distance, transport availability, and time in accessing health services in the developing world. Learn more about the first Positive Action Community Challenge.

Dominic Kemps, Director of the Positive Action for Children Fund and founder of the Positive Action Community Challenge says, “The Positive Action Community Challenge have been set to tackle those bottlenecks that exist and are a barrier to many people accessing treatment. Whilst antiretroviral therapy has helped save millions of lives worldwide, many people, often in areas where HIV is most prominent, struggle to access HIV care because the distance to the nearest clinic is a significant physical and often financial strain. We have to look at the problem holistically and find a way to close the loop so treatment is accessible to all.”

By bringing together problem-solvers from all walks of life, the Positive Action Community Challenge aims to identify replicable and scalable solutions that can overcome major challenges people living with HIV face in developing contexts.

“Nobody has a monopoly of solutions. Through this challenge, we hope to uncover the discovered – 90% of everything out there is already happening, but in a different discipline,” adds Dominic.

“We’ve learned that our greatest successes come out of partnerships – great ideas and great people bring about widespread change.”

ViiV Healthcare is the only pharmaceutical company 100% focused on HIV and we constantly build and expand meaningful partnerships to improve treatment, access and care. We collaborate to innovate and believe our approach to innovation can contribute to the global goal of reducing the spread of HIV.

Visit for more information on the hive and the Positive Action Community Challenge.