We are excited to be presenting new data from our innovative HIV treatment and prevention portfolio at one of the world’s most influential HIV meetings, the International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Science (IAS), in Brisbane, Australia from 23-26 July 2023.

Sharing data on why we must see more than HIV at IAS 2023

Thanks to tremendous efforts in research and development, today a person living with HIV who is on effective treatment can expect to live a long and fulfilling life. Despite these advancements, some people living with HIV still experience challenges. While still recognising the importance of viral suppression, we can and must ‘see more than HIV’ to address the challenges that people living with HIV can experience across all aspects of their lives.

We asked our team what ‘See more than HIV’ means to them

Importance of individualised HIV care

Our team will be presenting 14 abstracts that include a wealth of new data from our innovative HIV treatment and prevention portfolio. This data reinforces the importance of individualised HIV care and why the medical need of viral suppression is only the beginning.

Real-world HIV evidence to improve outcomes for underrepresented groups

We will also be sharing data about how our treatments are experienced in the real world by diverse groups of people living with HIV. These insights are critical for improving health outcomes and quality of life for those who are traditionally underrepresented in clinical HIV research, including older people, pregnant women and children living with HIV.

Patient-recorded outcomes (PROs) as a key tool to address unmet needs

For us, going beyond viral suppression means understanding the needs and preferences of people living with HIV. One of the key tools to address the preferences of people living with HIV (PLHIV) is to use patient-recorded outcomes (PROs) within routine clinical HIV care. These measures give insight into areas beyond viral suppression, including health behaviours (drug or alcohol use, or medication adherence), mental health, social wellbeing, and life circumstances. PROs are helping healthcare professionals to address unmet needs and preferences by improving their communications with people living with HIV.

Why is patient preference so important in routine HIV care?

As we travel ‘down under’, we look forward to hearing from influential voices from around the world and engaging with researchers, healthcare professionals, the HIV community and delegates on the biggest advances in HIV research. See you there!

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The process of identifying, creating and developing generally well-tolerated and effective innovative HIV therapies is complex and requires ongoing collaboration between research teams that work in many different areas of medicines development.

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Thanks to advances in science and innovation, people living with HIV have options for effective treatment that mean they can expect to live long and healthy lives. Find out why understanding the needs and wants of people living with HIV is essential.


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