HIV continues to pose a serious public health threat in most countries.

In particular, low testing and diagnosis rates, stigma and discrimination, poor access to innovative treatments, a high level of late-presenters and significant variations in incidence amongst key affected populations, continue to present challenges in the treatment and management of HIV/AIDS.

To address these issues at a country level, we are actively working in partnership with policymakers, non-government organisations, healthcare professionals and people living with HIV (PLHIV) to advance solutions in HIV treatment and care in ways that are sustainable, will lead to long-term improved outcomes at both individual and national levels and, ultimately, will see the end of HIV/AIDS and the beginning of an HIV free future.

We are looking to find ways at a national level to support adequate funding and policy-making to ensure that all PLHIV have access to the optimal treatments, care and support.

By working together with our national partners, we are helping to drive greater access to treatments as well as a positive environment for the continued development of new treatments options and preventative approaches, to support PLHIV and those at risk of HIV infection.

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