Positive Action was founded 30 years ago and aims to support innovative projects to address the social, cultural and policy challenges of the global HIV response. By investing in and partnering with communities most affected by HIV, Positive Action strives towards achieving healthy communities in a world free of AIDS.

Positive Action at 30 tells the story of the past three decades, as we look forward to what still needs to be achieved alongside our valued partners to eliminate new HIV transmissions by 2030.

People, partners, progress

At the core of this flagship foundation is our commitment to putting people and communities first, strengthening capacity and collaborating strategically. Positive Action at 30 will celebrate:


Positive Action’s partners around the world work to improve the lives of networks of people living with and affected by HIV. This year, Positive Action is spotlighting a selection of our Ugandan-based partners through a digital docuseries that shares an insight into the lives of the people at the heart of their programmes.


Girl Talk is a short series of conversations between two young women who offer practical advice and lend their experience on HIV to girls and young women around the world, beyond what Google can give. Sibu is a Regional Lead of the HER Voice Fund, and Teddy is employed and empowered by mothers2mothers (m2m), working as a Mentor Mother alongside doctors and nurses in Uganda.

Episode 1
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 3


Positive Action is committed to working with communities to improve gender equality and overcome global health challenges. At the 2023 Women Deliver conference, a new multi-year fund aiming to advance community engagement for gender equality was announced, alongside GSK and The Global Fund, to help ensure sustainable change and improve health outcomes for girls, women, and gender-diverse communities in Africa.


Episode 1
Teens Link, Uganda

Teens Link supports young people in Uganda, including those who inject drugs and sex workers, with essential harm reduction services such as access to safe needle exchange and information relating to HIV and sexual reproductive health services.

Episode 2
TackleAfrica, Uganda

TackleAfrica raises awareness and educates young people about sexual and reproductive health through sports, notably football.

The Latest

Hear from Positive Action leadership on their perspectives of the shifting HIV landscape.

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Hear from the people and organisations who have worked with Positive Action over the past 30 years.

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Positive Action is a trusted partner, investing in communities living with and most affected by HIV.

Funding is available to community-led and based organisations through the Positive Action (Global) funding streams or via our local ViiV Healthcare operating companies.

Find out more information on the different Positive Actions grants available, and how to apply.

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