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Learn at your own pace by exploring our list of recommended websites to understand more about implementation science and its important role in the fight against HIV.

The TIDIRH offers open access to a self-paced implementation science course that includes lectures, readings, and questions across six modules. This resource is intended to be an introduction to implementation science methods and approaches regardless of disease area.

A dedicated website to understanding and applying the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research. The CFIR promotes consistent use of constructs, systematic analysis, and organization of findings from implementation studies.

The IRI advances the field of implementation science in mental health by enhancing the career development of early to mid-career investigators. Learn more about their one-week Summer Institute and continuous mentoring and ongoing Learning Site Visits.

The Implementation Science Resource Hub provides a step by step guide to conducting implementation research and offers workshops, webinars, and conferences on implementation science.

A dedicated website to understanding and applying the RE-AIM framework which focuses on encouraging decision makers to pay more attention to essential program elements that can improve the sustainable adoption and implementation of evidence-based interventions.

A dedicated website to understanding and applying the EPIS Framework which describes four well-defined phases that align with and guide the implementation process and the innovation or practice being implemented.

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