Doctors and other healthcare professionals (HCPs) are vital partners for ViiV Healthcare, providing us with scientific and medical expertise and insights into the care of people living with HIV. ViiV Healthcare believes these partnerships are fundamental to the progress of medical science and to help meet patient and public health needs.

In recent years alongside GSK, ViiV Healthcare has challenged the traditional commercial model of pharmaceutical companies with industry-leading changes to how we do business. Our improvements aim to meet society’s growing expectation for organisations and individuals to act with transparency. This includes relationships between our industry and healthcare professionals (HCPs) or healthcare organisations (HCOs) so all of these interactions are conducted with integrity and transparency.

ViiV Healthcare fully supports the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) Code on the disclosure of individual transfers of value from pharmaceutical companies to healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations.

As of 1 January 2016, ViiV Healthcare ended payments to external HCPs to speak about our prescription medicines, including to audiences who can prescribe or influence prescribing. We have also stopped providing financial support directly to individual HCPs to attend medical congresses, and instead now provide funding to independent bodies which select HCPs to attend such congresses, through our Independent Medical Education Programme. These changes go further than the current industry codes and therefore others in the industry. We continue to work with HCPs for non-promotional activities such as clinical research.

2015 Payments to UK based HCPs/HCOs

ViiV Healthcare is committed to greater transparency of working relationships with healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations (HCOs). We believe these disclosures will help create a better understanding of how the pharmaceutical industry works with HCPs and HCOs.

ViiV Healthcare is an independent specialist HIV company. It is majority owned by GlaxoSmitkline, who also undertake its financial services on its behalf. As such, ViiV Healthcares payments to HCPs and HCOs have been submitted to the ABPI disclosure database within GSK’s overall payments.

Under the code, and by 30 June 2016, EFPIA member companies across Europe, including GSK, have pledged to disclose transfers of value made in 2015 to HCPs and HCOs in connection with prescription medicines on an individual-named basis (aggregate by exception only).

The disclosure includes, for example, sponsorship for travel and registration fees to attend medical congresses, HCP consultancy fees for speaker arrangements or for chairing meetings, and grants to HCOs. Transfers of value to HCPs and HCOs for activities related to research and development will be disclosed as an aggregate number. The disclosures we are making in June 2016 under the EFPIA code relate to 2015 payments before ViiV Healthcare ended speaker payments.

To access payments made by ViiV Healthcare to HCPs and HCOs in the UK, please visit the GSK disclosure page which will subsequently direct you to the ABPI disclosure website.

Currently >95% of HCPs we have paid (or who received another transfer of value) in 2015 have opted to remain in the UK ABPI database for the individual named disclosure of this information. ViiV Healthcare is proud of this industry leading figure and believes it is due to positive changes to the way we work with HCPs in the UK.

2014 UK Payment Disclosure

In 2014 ViiV Healthcare made payments totalling £228,705 to 58 UK HCPs for providing advice and consultancy, including chairing and speaking at meetings, assistance with training and participation in advisory boards. Many UK-based HCPs are considered global experts and therefore these fees include payments made by ViiV Healthcare and GSK operating companies around the globe. This figure does not include payments to consultants in relation to research and development work, including the conduct of clinical trials.

ViiV Healthcare ensures that any payment made to healthcare professionals is reasonable, within market rates and reflects the time they spend speaking or advising.

ViiV Healthcare also paid a total of £51,553 in sponsorship payments to support 58 UK-based healthcare professionals to attend scientific conferences and meetings in 2014. This includes registration fees, costs of accommodation and travel both inside and outside the UK.

2014 Grants and Donations to healthcare organisations

ViiV Healthcare provides grants and donations to UK healthcare organizations supporting research where ViiV Healthcare is not directly involved in the activity and to support their employees or members to undertake medical education run by independent third parties.

In 2014 ViiV Healthcare paid a total of £181, 225 to seven healthcare organisations.

Patient group Funding in the UK

We are committed to working with patient groups at the highest levels of transparency and ethical standards. Key principles of our work with patient groups are trust and mutual respect. We enter into relationships committed to sustaining a long-term working relationship, which also reinforces the credibility and independence of patient groups.

Please click here for more information. Please note payments made by the European and Global teams to UK based Patient groups – may be found on the separate PDFs within the same year of funding, please refer to the various pages for all payments made by ViiV Healthcare to UK based groups.

If you have any questions about ViiV Healthcare's payments to healthcare professionals or healthcare organisations in the UK, please contact the GSK Payments Disclosure Team on: or +44 800 221 441 (option 2 followed by 2).

UK/HIVP/0015/16, Date of preparation June 2016