Find out how ViiV Healthcare is supporting communities in Canada affected by HIV/AIDS.

Focusing exclusively on HIV/AIDS, ViiV Healthcare is devoted to the research, development, and production of HIV medicines. However, another important aspect of our mission is to support HIV/AIDS communities.

If your community organization is based in Canada and would like to apply to ViiV Healthcare Canada for funding, click here.


Positive Action was created in 1992 as the first pharmaceutical company program to support communities affected by HIV and AIDS. ViiV Healthcare Canada is proud to continue the Positive Action program and its valuable work with these communities.

Positive Action works with those communities most vulnerable to HIV disease, including youth, girls and women, sex workers, gay men, men who have sex with men (MSM), Indigenous Peoples, transgender people, injecting drug users (IDU), the homeless and the incarcerated.

The program targets its funds towards projects that fulfill one or more of these criteria:

  • Delivering greater and meaningful involvement of people living with HIV
  • Building capacity in grassroots communities
  • Preventing HIV
  • Tackling stigma and discrimination
  • Testing innovations in education, care, and treatment

Our projects range across education, prevention, care, and treatment-related activity such as treatment literacy and community/clinical engagement. We also fund action research into how these areas can be improved.

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