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We are 100% focused on HIV

Continuing to strive to bring innovations you can trust

Like you, we are devoted to improving the lives of patients. We work every day to deliver new options for the care and treatment of people living with HIV.

We are proud of our continuing commitment to apply our expertise to the improvement of your patients’ lives. Our knowledge is constantly being used to further research in the treatment of HIV.

This dedication has led us to continue to develop quality products for your patients.

As new innovations become available, it will be important to ensure your patients’ existing treatments are still meeting their personal needs. An open conversation with your patients about their options may help start the discussion.

Together, we can help make HIV a smaller part of your patients’ lives.

At ViiV Healthcare, we will continue to:

  • Help and support patients with HIV
  • Stand united in our pursuit of better care
  • Provide our 100% focus on our goal of leaving no person living with HIV behind