Building on our inclusion and diversity commitments by announcing gender and diversity aspirational targets to increase representation at senior levels

As a company 100% focused on HIV and with a clear purpose to leave no person living with HIV behind, we know we have an important role to play in championing inclusion and diversity. That means ensuring we are supporting people living with HIV around the world, no matter their race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender or nationality. We do this through our breakthrough innovation, our diverse portfolio of medicines and through the work we do to partner with HIV communities and amplify the voices of people living with HIV.

It's also about our culture and how we operate as a company. We strive to bring together talented and diverse people whose unique experience, knowledge and personal perspectives make us stronger as a team and as a business.

Together with our majority shareholder, GSK, we have made meaningful progress to increase our focus in this area. From launching a development programme for ethnically diverse colleagues, which includes coaching and sponsorship, through to reviewing our recruitment and selection processes and the roll out of inclusion training across the company.

We know we can do more and that’s why we are proud to stand beside GSK as we commit to new aspirational targets to make further progress on our gender and diversity representation in senior leadership.

As a result of work to increase female representation in senior roles, we have already exceeded our target of 37% of VP-level and above roles being filled by women. The company will now extend this to increase female representation in VP level and above roles to at least 45% by 2025.

To drive greater racial and ethnic diversity in senior roles in its two biggest employee populations in the US and UK, new targets have been introduced in these countries, reflecting demographics in these countries.

In the US, a new target of at least 30% ethnically diverse leaders by the end of 2025 is now in place to increase representation from the current level of 23%. In the UK, the new target is at least 18% ethnically diverse leaders by the end of 2025, from a current level of 11%.

These targets are part of our broader commitments to inclusion and diversity, to increase representation and inclusion across all the different groups of people across our workforce.

ViiV Healthcare CEO, Deborah Waterhouse says, “Inclusion is at the very heart of what we do and how we work. We have made good progress to increase representation and inclusion across our workforce and we have an obligation to do more. The new aspirational targets we are sharing, together with GSK, are strong and visible statements, showing that we are fully committed to ensuring equal opportunity and representation of people throughout our organisation. We know that bringing together talented and diverse people whose unique experience, knowledge and personal perspectives make us stronger as a team and as a business.”

Together with GSK, we will continue to review, adapt and build on our plans to fulfil our commitment to equal opportunity and equality of representation.

Find out more about our new aspirational targets as well as our inclusion and diversity commitments.

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