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Independent Grants and Support Programs

Innovative Projects Grant (PIHVOT)

Partnerships to Improve HIV Outcomes and Treatments (PIHVOT) is a grant program available to requesting Healthcare-Related Organizations (HCRO) to enable innovative projects with the aim to improve health outcomes or the quality of life for Patients living with HIV/AIDS in Canada.

Information on eligibility can be found here.

Educational grants

Educational grants are provided for educational initiatives (programs/events/activities) to increase the skills and knowledge of Canadian professionals in a medical or scientific area who have the ability to impact Canadian HIV patient healthcare. ViiV Healthcare’s role is limited to financial support.

Click here to apply.

Congress sponsorships

Conferences and other meeting-style activities for healthcare professionals that are focused on original presentations of data and offer benefits or opportunities (e.g. booth displays) in exchange for sponsor funding must be submitted by email. Selective funding may be available where there is alignment with the topic of HIV at the proposed conference.

For information or to apply, email Medical.Education@viivhealthcare.com.