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Connecting Communities, and Building Resilience Through Arts & Culture

ViiV Healthcare’s commitment to supporting arts and culture is a cornerstone of how we work to end HIV stigma, break down isolation and promote supportive networks for people living with HIV. From our grantmaking in support of community organizations who use arts as a vehicle for HIV activism, to our one-of-a-kind theater experiences As Much as I Can and Take My Hand, we’ve seen firsthand the power of culture in facilitating dialogues and network-building for the HIV community.

To continue exploring the role of ‘artivism’ in the HIV community, our Positive Action team hosted a live panel at AIDS 2020 titled, How Arts and Culture can Spark Change and Combat Stigma. We’ve assembled an expert panel of individuals with a wealth of knowledge to share on this topic—each having created their own initiatives leveraging art and culture to start conversations, create connections, build resilience and help shift public consciousness on HIV in their communities.

“In times of crisis, we are reminded of the immense power of culture as a lever for transformational change,” said Marc Meachem, Head of US External Affairs. “ViiV Healthcare is committed to maintaining the momentum of our arts and culture work, and AIDS 2020 Virtual provides a timely platform to propel this work forward.”

Positive Action: How Arts and Culture can Spark Change and Combat Stigma took place on Wednesday, July 8, from 9-10 AM EST. Author and activist George M. Johnson served as moderator, along with other panelists including:

  • Marc Meachem Head of US External Affairs, ViiV Healthcare
  • Dwain Bridges, Co-founder and Director of Operations and Finance, THRIVE S.S.
  • Jennie Smith-Camejo, Communications Director, Positive Women’s Network – USA
  • Roxie Johnson, Actress, Take My Hand
  • Louie Ortiz-Fonseca, Creator of The Gran Varones
  • Cory Gibson, Actor, As Much As I Can

A recording of the panel discussion is available here.