Advice for navigating HIV Glasgow online

Dr Nneka Nwokolo, Senior Global Medical Director, ViiV Healthcare shares her perspective on the upcoming HIV Glasgow virtual conference

This will be the third large International HIV congress this year to “go virtual”. The learnings and insight from previous events have been used by the organisers of HIV Glasgow to help develop plans for this conference and its virtual platform.

HIV Glasgow takes place from the 5-8th October. The conference will run as a single stream, starting at 11am UK time and closing at 6pm over the 4 days. As there will be no events running concurrently, the number of abstracts accepted for oral presentation will be reduced, however there will be a sizeable ePoster area within the congress’s virtual platform, with the ability to add slides with audio commentary.

Q1: How do I navigate the virtual conference hall?

As a registered delegate, the lobby is your first stop when you enter the conference website, much like you would at a face-to-face conference. From here, you can watch the live session, see what’s happening next and view the full conference agenda. 

When you click on a session, you are taken to the virtual auditorium. Those of us who are familiar with HIV Glasgow will recognise the image of the famous Clyde Auditorium in the background where all the sessions take place.

Click on the “join current session” icon and you will be taken to the oral presentation. You will be able to see and hear the presenter and view the presentation slides via the player page (see below).

In the virtual conference hall, almost all of the conference sponsors have a virtual exhibitor booth for you to interact with, just as you would at a face-to-face conference.  Here you will be able to find product information, when oral abstracts or symposiums will be presented and details of any events happening in and around the main conference programme.

At our virtual booth, you will be able to request a “virtual coffee” with a member of our sales representatives or medical affairs team as well as learn about our events and the abstracts that will be presented at the conference.

Q2. I can’t attend a live session, am I able to watch it later?

If you are unable to join a live session, all presentations will be available to watch again on-demand. To access the content, simply select ‘On Demand’ from the navigation bar at the bottom of the player page.

Q3. What are the opportunities available to find out more about the data and discuss it after / during the conference?

One of the things I enjoy most about conferences is having in-depth discussions with my peers about the data presented over a coffee at the many exhibitor booths. I also enjoy having a good chat with the author of an interesting poster within the exhibition hall. Unfortunately, we are living in a COVID world and this is not possible at present. However, to help us connect, you can create a site profile (photo optional) and visit the networking area where you can post questions and chat one-to-one with other delegates and speakers.

There is a Q&A function on the conference platform. During the symposia, you will be able to post any questions, comments or points for discussion to the presentation panel in real time. This functionality may also be available for selected scientific sessions. You can access this function via the Q&A button on the navigation bar of the player page.

To give you an opportunity to delve deeper into our data and field any questions you may have, ViiV Healthcare is hosting Meet the Expert sessions throughout the congress.*

 *Please note these sessions are open to Healthcare Professionals only.

From the lobby page or any of the conference pages, you can click on the posters link at the top of the page and be taken to the Exhibition & Posters Hall to browse the ePosters and visit the exhibitor booths. As well as including slides to allow you to take a closer look, the ePosters may also have audio of the author explaining the data. There is also the option for delegates to post questions directly to the authors, who will reply if you have given consent to be contacted.

Q4. Are there any other sources of information or resources available?

At the virtual exhibitor booths you will be able to find product information, timings for oral abstracts or symposia and information about events happening in and around the main conference programme.

Another great way to stay up to date with what is happening is by using the conference hashtag #HIVGLASGOW on social media. See what some of our leading researchers and scientists are posting and maybe share what you found interesting. Don’t forget the hashtag!

ViiV Healthcare will be covering HIV Glasgow across our social media channels. We look forward to (virtually) seeing you there.

*Please note the images used in this article are for illustrative purposes only and reflect the HIV Glasgow Virtual Meeting platform as of the 24th August 2020. Final updates to the platform are currently being made.

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