ViiV Healthcare recognises the enormous significance of the community response to HIV/AIDS. The company remains committed not only to improve access for individuals to the HIV medicines they need, but also to support the communities most affected by the disease. For people living with or vulnerable to HIV, the community plays a crucial role: providing direct support, advocating prevention, educating peers, campaigning for services and treatment, and standing up to discrimination and the abuse of human rights.

We are committed to working with patient groups at the highest levels of transparency and ethical standards. Key principles of our work with patient groups are trust and mutual respect. We enter into relationships committed to sustaining a long-term working relationship, which also reinforces the credibility and independence of patient groups.

Global principles for working with patient groups

  • The independence of patient groups, of their political judgement and of their activities shall be assured
  • In all co-operative matters, transparency is vital
  • Any joint policies undertaken between patient groups and ViiV Healthcare shall be based on mutual respect and trust
  • We shall refrain from using undue influence to promote specific medicines or services
  • In any working with patient groups we will always comply with local laws/governance

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  • 2021

    Above Country (PDF 244 KB)

    Australia (PDF 163 KB)

    Belgium (PDF 164 KB)

    Canada (PDF 239 KB)

    France (PDF 244 KB)

    Germany (PDF 206 KB)

    Italy (PDF 167 KB)

    Japan (PDF 172 KB)

    Netherlands (PDF 159 KB)

    Portugal (PDF 183 KB)

    Positive Action Global (PDF 290 KB)

    Spain (PDF 200 KB)

    UK (PDF 170 KB)

    United States of America (PDF 546 KB)

  • 2020

    Above Country (PDF 217 KB)

    Australia (PDF 90 KB)

    Belgium (PDF 104 KB)

    Canada (PDF 125 KB)

    France (PDF 157 KB)

    Germany (PDF 133 KB)

    Italy (PDF 115 KB)

    Japan (PDF 100 KB)

    Netherlands (PDF 104 KB)

    Portugal (PDF 104 KB)

    Positive Action Global (PDF 219 KB)

    Spain (PDF 187 KB)

    Switzerland (PDF 138KB)

    UK (PDF 89 KB)

    United States of America (137KB)

  • 2019

    Asia (PDF 134 KB)

    Australia (PDF 146 KB)

    Belgium (PDF 195 KB)

    Europe (PDF 140 KB)

    France (PDF 198 KB)

    Germany (PDF 173 KB)

    International (PDF 113 KB)

    Italy (PDF 183 KB)

    Japan (PDF 148 KB)

    Netherlands (PDF 128 KB)

    Positive Action Global (PDF 183 KB)

    Portugal (PDF 158 KB)

    Spain (PDF 187 KB)

    Switzerland (PDF 149KB)

    UK (PDF 172 KB)

    United States of America (91KB)

  • 2018

    Australia (PDF 282 KB)

    Belgium (PDF 195 KB)

    Canada (PDF 210 KB)

    Europe (PDF 185 KB)

    Germany (PDF 338 KB)

    International (PDF 261 KB)

    Italy (PDF 392 KB)

    Japan (PDF 196 KB)

    MSM&T and Europe (PDF 282 KB)

    Netherlands (PDF 278 KB)

    PAC (PDF 207 KB)

    PACF and PAA (PDF 300 KB)

    Spain (PDF 227 KB)

    Switzerland (PDF 184 KB)

    UK (PDF 286 KB)

    United States of America (PDF 100KB)

  • 2017

    Joint Working Agreements - Global Strategic Initiatives 2017.pdf (PDF 88 KB)

    Patient Group Reporting - PAGW.pdf (PDF 99 KB)

    Patient Group Reporting - PACF.pdf (PDF 150 KB)

    Patient Group Reporting - Germany.pdf (PDF 80 KB)

    Patient Group Reporting - MSMT.pdf (PDF 202 KB)

    Patient Group Reporting - Belgium.pdf (PDF 70 KB)

    Patient Group Reporting - PAA.pdf (PDF 228 KB)

    Patient Group Reporting - Canada.pdf (PDF 116 KB)

    Patient Group Reporting - Japan.pdf (PDF 272 KB)

    Patient Group Reporting - Australia.pdf (PDF 245 KB)

    Patient Group Reporting - Spain.pdf (PDF 196 KB)

    Patient Group Reporting - Italy.pdf (PDF 158 KB)

    Patient Group Reporting - Netherlands.pdf (PDF 177 KB)

    Patient Group Reporting - PAE.pdf (1) (PDF 177 KB)

    Patient Group Reporting - Switzerland.pdf (PDF 22 KB)

    GAPPA Core Grants Budget Allocation Tracker.pdf (PDF 190 KB)

    Charitable Grants to US Entities.pdf (PDF 43 KB)

  • 2016

    Belgium.pdf (PDF 8 KB)

    Germany.pdf (PDF 23 KB)

    France.pdf (PDF 26 KB)

    Netherlands.pdf (PDF 52 KB)

    Italy.pdf (PDF 70 KB)

    Positive Action for Girls and Women.pdf (PDF 58 KB)

    Positive Action MSM & Transgender Programme.pdf (PDF 31 KB)

    UK.pdf (PDF 163 KB)

    GAPPA Core Reporting.pdf (PDF 132 KB)

    Pan-European.pdf (PDF 90 KB)

    Switzerland.pdf (PDF 11 KB)

    Spain.pdf (PDF 27 KB)

    Positive Action for Children Fund.pdf (PDF 53 KB)

    Positive Action for Adolescents.pdf (PDF 90 KB)

    Annual 2016 ViiV Executive Summary Grant Listing.pdf (PDF 143 KB)

  • 2015

    Above Country EU (PDF 52 KB)

    Australia (PDF 105 KB)

    Belgium (PDF 98 KB)

    France (PDF 113 KB)

    GAPPA Core Reporting (PDF 47 KB)

    Germany (PDF 103 KB)

    Italy (PDF 165 KB)

    Japan (PDF 231 KB)

    Netherlands (PDF 43 KB)

    Portugal (PDF 101 KB)

    Spain (PDF 181 KB)

    Switzerland (PDF 257 KB)

    Canada (PDF 177 KB)

    Positive Action for Adolescents (PDF 96 KB)

    Positive Action for MSMT (PDF 105 KB)

    PACF (PDF 326 KB)


  • 2014

    Spain (PDF 114 KB)

    Australia (PDF 106 KB)

    Belgium (PDF 99 KB)

    Canada (PDF 306 KB)

    France (PDF 116 KB)

    Germany (PDF 116 KB)

    Japan (PDF 104 KB)

    Netherlands (PDF 97 KB)

    Portugal (PDF 180 KB)

    Russia (PDF 100 KB)

    Positive Action (PDF 216 KB)

    Switzerland (PDF 103 KB)

    United States (PDF 55 KB)

    Pan-European (PDF 151 KB)

    Positive Action for Children Fund (PDF 151 KB)

    Italy (PDF 193 KB)

    UK (PDF 193 KB)

  • 2013

    Australia (PDF 285 KB)

    Belgium (PDF 59 KB)

    Canada (PDF 434 KB)

    France (PDF 63 KB)

    Germany (PDF 17 KB)

    Italy (PDF 63 KB)

    Japan (PDF 25 KB)

    Netherlands (PDF 10 KB)

    Positive Action (PDF 188 KB)

    Positive Action for Children Fund (PDF 218 KB)

    Pan European (PDF 150 KB)

    Portugal (PDF 13 KB)

    UK (PDF 193 KB)

    UK (PDF 193 KB)

    Russia (PDF 141 KB)

    Spain (PDF 72 KB)

    Switzerland (PDF 61 KB)

    United States (PDF 34 KB)

    UK (PDF 49 KB)

  • 2012

    Australia (PDF 122 KB)

    Belgium (PDF 66 KB)

    Canada (PDF 396 KB)

    France (PDF 123 KB)

    Germany (PDF 236 KB)

    Global HIV organisations (PDF 308 KB)

    Italy (PDF 132 KB)

    Japan (PDF 134 KB)

    Mexico (PDF 304 KB)

    Paediatric Innovation Seed Fund (PDF 274 KB)

    Netherlands (PDF 133 KB)

    Portugal (PDF 124 KB)

    Positive Action (PDF 349 KB)

    Positive Action for Children Fund (PDF 560 KB)

    Spain (PDF 154 KB)

    Switzerland (PDF 129 KB)

    United States (PDF 57 KB)

    United Kingdom (PDF 86 KB)

  • 2011

    Australia (PDF 36 KB)

    Belgium (PDF 35 KB)

    Canada (PDF 154 KB)

    France (PDF 38 KB)

    Germany (PDF 32 KB)

    Global (PDF 44 KB)

    Italy (PDF 61 KB)

    Mexico (PDF 94 KB)

    Netherlands (PDF 10 KB)

    Positive Action for Children Fund (PDF 117 KB)

    Portugal (PDF 11 KB)

    Positive Action (PDF 58 KB)

    Russia Patient (PDF 119 KB)

    Spain (PDF 28 KB)

    Switzerland (PDF 95 KB)

    United Kingdom (PDF 200 KB)

    United States (PDF 121 KB)

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